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100 Fun & COVID-Conscious Family Activities for Fall

  1. Go apple picking

  2. Visit an outdoor farmer's market

  3. Host an apple pie bakeoff between your kids and their friends

  4. Jump in a pile of leaves

  5. Tell spooky stories by a fire

  6. Make homemade candy apples

  7. Backyard fall-themed scavenger hunt

  8. Carve or paint pumpkins

  9. Create an autumn wreath for your front door

  10. Roast s'mores

  11. Plant fall flowers

  12. Go for a hayride

  13. Make pumpkin soup

  14. Make your own fall-scented candle (or just buy and light one *wink*)

  15. Attend a football game

  16. Rent a cabin

  17. Visit a pumpkin patch

  18. Host an outdoor "mystery" party

  19. Watch your favorite Halloween movie

  20. Knit a scarf

  21. Get lost in a corn maze

  22. Stay overnight in a haunted house

  23. Play flag football

  24. Collect and identify leaves

  25. Go for a drive when the leaves are changing color

  26. Go for a hike

  27. Make-your-own-pizza party

  28. Celebrate Oktoberfest

  29. Indulge in all of the pumpkin spice goodness

  30. Freshen up your fall wardrobe

  31. Curl up with a good book and a hot drink

  32. Build a scarecrow

  33. Apple cider "tea party"

  34. Create leaf rubbings

  35. Make a necklace with Halloween beads

  36. Toast the pumpkin seeds from your carved pumpkins

  37. Make acorn people

  38. Bake seasonal cookies

  39. Decorate your yard for fall/Halloween

  40. Coordinate Halloween costumes for your whole family

  41. Play pin-the-nose-on-the-pumpkin

  42. Decorate bags for trick-or-treating

  43. Toilet paper mummies

  44. Miniature ghost craft with tissues, markers, and rubber bands

  45. Play flashlight tag

  46. Make applesauce from scratch

  47. Visit an arboretum

  48. Watch Hocus Pocus

  49. Make a leaf mobile

  50. Make apples out of pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks

  51. Visit a farm or petting zoo

  52. Borrow books from the library about fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving

  53. Share some hot chocolate

  54. Make brown paper bag owls

  55. Plant spring bulbs

  56. Schedule an outdoor family photo shoot

  57. Spend an evening stargazing

  58. Make a classic handprint turkey

  59. Make spider decorations with googly eyes and black paper

  60. Plant an indoor herb garden

  61. Use fall-shaped cookie cutters to make festive sandwiches

  62. Sample different types of apples

  63. Create pinecone birds with googly eyes and craft feathers

  64. Make a thankfulness tree for your dining room and fill each leaf with something you're grateful for

  65. Make monster slime

  66. Create an easy Halloween sensory bin

  67. Pumpkin glitter jars

  68. Fall alphabet or fact cards

  69. Clean up the yard together

  70. Obstacle course

  71. Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving themed coloring pages

  72. Leaf matching

  73. Family yoga and meditation outdoors

  74. Candy corn relay

  75. Pumpkin bowling

  76. Acorn toss

  77. Play the Floor is Lava with leaf piles

  78. Play Ghost in the Graveyard

  79. Outdoor board game night

  80. Make corn shakers

  81. Go trick-or-treating

  82. Harvest bingo

  83. Poke-a-pumpkin game

  84. Go for a family bike ride

  85. Have a picnic

  86. Make trail mix

  87. Read outdoors

  88. Go geocaching

  89. Watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

  90. Make apple prints

  91. Visit your local nature center

  92. Visit the zoo

  93. Donate to a food bank or shelter

  94. Pay for a stranger's meal or coffee

  95. Graph apples based on size or color

  96. Make a yummy stew in the slow cooker

  97. Snuggle by the fire

  98. Play sink or float with leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and apples

  99. Make a pinecone birdfeeder

  100. Check out a cider mill

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