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31-Day Self-Care Challenge to End the Year Right

December 1 - Unfollow people on social media who get you riled up over politics, make you feel badly about yourself, or generally do not bring joy to your day.

December 2 - Make a phone or video call to someone you love who you don't reach out to often enough.

December 3 - Color, draw, or paint.

December 4 - Take a mindful walk outdoors.

December 5 - Go to bed early and leave your devices out of the room.

December 6 - Take a hot bath or shower by candlelight.

December 7 - Do all of your favorite stretches; or do this quick video while you take a break at work.

December 8 - Write a list of 10 things that make you proud of yourself.

December 9 - Watch the sunrise or sunset.

December 10 - Make a playlist of songs that make you feel cheerful.

December 11 - Watch your favorite comedian's stand-up special or clips of them on YouTube.

December 12 - Start that book or watch that movie you've been wanting to read/see.

December 13 - Leave a note or a gift for a stranger.

December 14 - Declutter and purge one area of your house - a bookshelf, closet, drawer, etc.

December 15 - Do something you enjoyed as a child.

December 16 - Make a list of gratitude.

December 17 - Lay in bed or on the couch and listen to ambient music or nature sounds.

December 18 - Begin your day with this video of morning affirmations to start out on the right foot.

December 19 - Write a thank you letter to someone you don't know well but admire.

December 20 - Do a jigsaw puzzle.

December 21 - Wash or change your sheets.

December 22 - Listen to an inspiring Podcast; check out Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations, Optimal Living Daily; Good Life Project; On Being; Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness; Happier with Gretchen Rubin; or Freakonomics.

December 23 - Cancel something you don't need but have on auto-pay or subscription.

December 24 - Journal about your holiday traditions and memories; check out a list of journal prompts here

December 25 - Be mindfully present with your family and those you love. Indulge yourself.

December 26 - Take a nap.

December 27 - Do that thing you've been putting off.

December 28 - Do this 20 minute yoga routine for relieving stress and anxiety.

December 29 - Try this guided meditation to start the new year off with positive vibes.

December 30 - Make a 2022 bucket list. One idea: "22 things to do in 2022!"

December 31 - Turn off your smart phone for 24 hours as a digital detox before bringing in the new year!

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