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5 Reasons to Say "Yes" to Your Kids

  1. It sets a precedent for open-mindedness in life. Being an open-minded person leads one to explore new experiences, learn new things, behave more respectfully toward others (particularly those who are different from oneself), achieve personal growth, and become stronger mentally and emotionally.

  2. It encourages creativity. Encouraging creativity fosters growth of problem-solving skills, self-awareness and expression, personal freedom, and tools for stress relief.

  3. It will strengthen your bond. Your child wants your approval very badly (even if they sometimes have very unique ways of showing it). By saying "yes," you are providing reinforcement for their choices. Children who are given positive attention for positive behaviors will increase the positive behaviors, which will increase your positive feelings toward them, which will bring you closer together.

  4. Kids tune out negative language. If there is anything kids hate more than anything, it is being told "no." Your child's behavior will likely improve if you reframe things in a positive light. For example, instead of saying "Stop talking! I am on the phone!" you could try saying "I am on the phone right now, but would love to play with you when I'm finished." Always make sure you follow through!

  5. It's fun! Spaghetti tacos? Mid-winter picnic at the park? Cut up an apple and try to put it back together? Invent new yoga poses? You will be amazed at what your kids come up with and what joy comes from experimenting with them.

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